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1 full day live
conference with 10 speakers
4 future live events
with speakers from conference
6 months of Accountability &
Community (Oct 23 - April 24)

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Grow Your Business

Are you a startup or established business? IMPACT Effect 23 is your event where you’ll get the right insights, advice, and accountability to IMPACT and scale your business to the next level.


Think ENGAGING and ENTERTAINING. IMPACT Effect 23 will provide a break from the daily grind and an opportunity to meet new people and build lifelong relationships with like minded business professionals.


Attendees have the opportunity to attend future workshops with Q&A sessions with speakers, led by experts who applied the techniques and skills from the conference. Absorb, implement, and come back with your targeted questions for the speakers to get you through your specific roadblocks!

Cutting Edge Insights

Impact 2023 will provide the latest insights into sales and marketing strategies, tactics, and tools that will help you stay, and keep ahead of the competition.

The IMPACT effect is calling...

You are one conversation away from changing the trajectory of your life.

Prepare yourself for an EXPLOSION of energy and enlightenment. Engage in interactive workshops, hands-on activities, and immersive experiences that will challenge your perspective and push the boundaries of what you thought was possible. This event will challenge you to unlock your potential and unleash the changemaker inside you.

Learn how to break through the noise to make your IMPACT and build a network of professionals dedicated to doing the work and supporting others so we all get more wins.

Surprise Guests



The three themes to success

What to Expect from IMPACT Effect 2023

Top tactics on how to grow leads, win sales and close more deals

Personal branding

The art and importance of verbal and physical communication in life & business

event speakers

At IMPACT Effect 23, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from some of the most successful entrepreneurs, marketers and sales experts from around the world. 

Jim Morris

Founder of IMPACT Events, 4x Entrepreneur, Host of The Real Jim Morris Show & Investor

Janine Driver

FBI trained Body Language Expert, 2x Bestselling Author, 4x Ted-Ex Speaker

Craig Siegel

Author of WSJ Bestseller “The Reinvention Formula”, Business and Performance Coach

Brian Galke

Founder of Subtle Skills: How to Decode Facial Features, Sales & Business Coach

Tiffany Napper

5x Entrepreneur, Marketing & Branding Expert, Founder of Upleveler Society, Holistic Business Coach

Cody Askin

Sales and Marketing Coach, Personal Brand Expert, YouTube Thought Leader - 100K+ subscribers

The IMPACT of these events

You are one person away from changing the trajectory of your life. This testimonial speaks for itself.


Want to get ahead of the competition and meet with some of the biggest players in the entrepreneurial game?

All packages come with (4) post conference live events with select speakers for Q&A


4 future Live Events w/ Q&A sessions

General Floor Seating

Strategic Seating next to other attendees who you want to connect with or looking to learn from.

Vendor Market

with local businesses offering exclusive pricing, giveaways, and bonuses.

Access to VIP IMPACT Facebook Group

Entry into upgraded VIP ticket raffle

Free access to all 2024 Network
Not Normal Events

Welcome Bag


Presidential VIP

Everything From Executive

Reserved Seating

Strategic Seating next to other attendees who you want to connect with or looking to learn from.

Private dinner the night before the event with speakers

Private networking event with breakfast prior to event start

Private lunch onsite during event with speakers

Access to Green Room with speakers during the event

Separate dedicated VIP check in & Experience

Podcast session during event with delivered content

VIP Welcome Bag



Everything From Presidential VIP

Private transportation to the event (Nashville Proper)

Separate dedicated VIP check in & Experience

Videographer or Personal Assistant during the event

VIP Welcome Bag


direction to the venue

Wild Horse Saloon

120 2nd Ave N, Nashville, TN 37201

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Jim Morris

With a captivating presence and magnetic personality, Jim possesses the unique ability to inspire and captivate audiences of all sizes.

His dynamic speaking style, including some colorful language and comparisons, coupled with his ability to convey complex concepts in a relatable manner, has made him a sought-after speaker at prestigious events and conferences. He has been known to speak openly about how “You really do have to break it down like you’re chatting with your 2 year old child”
Beyond his business acumen, Jim’s impact extends far beyond just business. He is dedicated to making a tangible difference in the world through IMPACT Events. His passion for helping the community has positioned him to bring amazing people together to create real change through events and community built programs. The goal is to  give people a seat at the table for growth and create an atmosphere of vulnerability and belonging.

Janine Driver

Janine Driver is retired federal law enforcement officer, who today is a body language and detecting deception contributor to NBC’s Today show, CourtTV, Extra!, and the Dr. Oz Show. She’s also the CEO of the Body Language Institute, which the Washington Post called “a part of a thriving industry of consultants helping people to climb their career ladder.”

Janine’s keynote speeches are designed to help people better understand themselves, the impact of their non-verbal and verbal communication on others, and how to read others hidden emotions and build better relationships through the use of her cutting-edge NEW Body Language communication secrets.
In each of Janine’s cutting-edge and fast-paced keynote presentations, you’re given a front-row seat to her always sold out classes based on her instant best-selling books, YOU CAN’T LIE TO ME and her New York Time’s Best Seller YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK (translated into 16 languages). Within minutes, you’ll be granted access to knowledge that most people only dream about!

Craig Siegel

Craig Siegel is a value-based and high-energy Global Keynote Speaker and rising thought leader, as featured in Entrepreneur and endorsed by some of the world’s most well-known celebrities, entertainers, athletes, and entrepreneurs, such as Rob Dyrdek, Ed Mylett, Frank Grillo, Andy Grammer, Marie Forleo, Dr. Shefali, Tom Bilyeu, Bethany Hamilton, Suzanne Somers, Alicia Silverstone, Eric Thomas, Darryl Strawberry, and NFL Hall of Famers Brian Dawkins, Edgerrin James and more.

Craig is a born and raised New Yorker, who from a young age always knew that he was meant for more but was unable to put it all together. When the pandemic happened, Craig felt spiritually guided. He left his lucrative and comfortable job on Wall Street and went all-in with his passion and purpose to help people upgrade their mindsets and fulfill their potential.
Craig’s unique combination of energy, motivation, inspiration, charisma, and business success has led to the meteoric rise of Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS), a contagious, never-before-seen explosion that has impacted millions of lives worldwide. Removing limiting beliefs is the key to success in all areas of life. Most people feel unworthy,
Craig helps people release the negative beliefs they have cultivated over time and implement positive and constructive thoughts, which then create powerful and positive beliefs that change your behaviors and ultimately create brand-new results in your relationships, business, and all facets of life. He illustrates the power of the second thought.

Brian Galke

Meet Brian, the Introverted/Extroverted professional who discovered the secret to success: Good Communication Skills.

In order to overcome his social anxiety, Brian intentionally pursued positions where people naturally came to him for help (Retail, Service Industry, Helpdesk, etc).

With every job, he sought to improve his social skills through learning tips and tricks to interact with others effectively. Like any good introvert he picked up books on Body Language, NLP, Public Speaking and more to improve those skills.

As Brian’s communication abilities grew, so did his career. Each new social skill he acquired brought him another promotion, leading him to leave the Helpdesk to become a Corporate Trainer, move into Sales, and even be flown around the US to present to high-profile clients worth over $1 million. Eventually, he was promoted to the esteemed position of Regional Vice President of Sales with a $40 Million Dollar book of business.

Brian left the corporate world to teach this skill to audiences on stages alongside renowned industry leaders such as Janine Driver, Brad Lea, Steve Sims, Greg Reid, Alex Hormozi, and more.

But what was the one skill that changed everything for Brian? The ability to Decode Facial Features. By learning how to interpret the subtle signals that people’s faces give off, Brian was able to better understand and communicate with others, which in turn helped him succeed professionally and personally.

Tiffany Napper

A Nashville-based Holistic Business Coach, Tiffany Napper excels in turning overwhelmed creative business owners into thriving CEOs.

In 2011, she left a successful career in the music industry where she spearheaded campaigns for Yamaha with Elton John, Alicia Keys, and Disney, to name a few. Through her free program, Coffee Talk, Tiffany shares her wealth of knowledge with other dreamers and doers. She also serves as a mentor to young women in business at Vanderbilt University and The University of Texas at Austin.

Tiffany believes that skills, enthusiasm, and support are crucial for success, and that by cultivating the first two and by being humble enough to accept the third, anyone can make their dreams come true.

Cody Askins

Founder of 8% Nation, CEO of Cody Askins LLC, Owner of Secure Agent Marketing, speaker, entrepreneur, and author of Zero To Six Figures, Creator of the Cody Askins YouTube Channel which has amassed over 98,000 subscribers…

Cody Askins owns & operates 8 companies totaling more than $20,000,000 in annual revenue. CA is also the founder of The 8% Movement & The 8% Nation Conference, the industry’s largest event for all insurance agents to attend.